Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Importance of New Year's Resolutions

Even though my year spiritually goes from Samhain to Samhain, January 1 gives me a chance to start fresh, too, with New Year’s resolutions.

People squawk about New Year’s Resolutions. They tend to say they don’t do them because they set themselves up for failure and it makes them feel bad; or they pick a bunch of simple steps that are little more than a to-do list.

The point of a resolution is to make a commitment to yourself. If you esteem yourself, if you respect yourself, you are going to keep striving beyond what you think you can do AND ACHIEVE IT.

If you don’t push yourself beyond your boundaries, beyond your comfort zone, you can’t grow. Growth is spurred by challenge, not by complacency.

Does that mean everything on your list gets perfectly polished off?

No, because, during the course of a year, your life changes, and you have to adjust.

But not to do something because you’re afraid of failure, or purposely setting goals that are too easy for you are marks of self disrespect. And how can you expect others to respect you when you don’t respect yourself?

Resolutions are for YOU, not anyone else. If you wish, don’t tell anyone. Making them public allows those who don’t have your best interests at heart to try to sabotage you. Sometimes, that’s a spur to go even farther than you thought you could. Other times, it discourages you.

Whether you choose to share your resolutions with a close friend, on a blog, or just keep it in your heart – pick one thing you want to strive towards this year. Let this be the resolution of your heart. And push yourself to achieve it.

Choose growth in the coming year instead of complacency.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yule 2006

Tonight is the Winter Solstice – Yule. It’s the shortest day and the longest night. One of the wonderful things is that . . .starting tomorrow, the days get longer!

The solstice is when we celebrate the return of the Sun (son in archetypical reference) after the long winter nights. Even though often tonight is called “The First Night of Winter” – it’s merely the LONGEST night, not the first. We still have many long nights to experience – to me, February nights seem particularly interminable.

But tonight is a time to celebrate.

Even if it’s only a moment, take a candle and light it as a welcoming symbol towards the sun’s return. Take a minute to reflect on the darknesses in your life and how you want to bring in more light during the coming cycle.

Celebrate with family and friends in this festive season; take some time to breathe. Align yourself with the natural world and work WITH the seasons, not against them.

Bright blessings to you!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

7 in '07

Here’s a bit of Shameless Self-Promotion for you:

I have articles in 7 of the 2007 Llewellyn Almanacs:

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The Wicca Almanac (which is released in Spring)

Of course, I hope you buy them for friends and family and keep a copy of yourself!